Who is this Fish person?


I’m Francis Fish.

I write stories about the future.

I was born in 1959 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I live in Merseyside with my wife and the child that hasn’t left home yet. I have been writing ever since I was a kid. I can’t help myself, I do it because I can’t stop.

By profession I write computer programs, but I always wanted to be a writer. In a way the programming is a ghost career, where I get to write and solve complicated problems without putting my head above the parapet and my mistakes are safely hidden behind the walls of the companies and corporations I have worked for over the years.

I’m a kayak coach, walker, and avid reader, not necessarily in that order.

I’m easily bored, but a good programmer (and writer) needs to be very stubborn and wrestle with things to get them finished. The things that bore me are the trivial stuff that I already know how to do. Fortunately there is still a mountain of stuff I don’t know.

If you want to read about my writing projects start here. If you want to see the site where I do the technical stuff go here.

I can be reached on [email protected]. I don’t guarantee I’ll get back to you quickly, but I will try to do so.

I love interacting with people and finding out new things.

I’ve stopped doing Facebook, at least for now, because it was such a drain. You can find me on Twitter as @fjfish.

This site is mainly to promote my newer work Tales of a Brighter Future, but you can find my earlier novel Archive Fragments on leanpub, as well as my technical rants book Unicorns in the Mist. I put a novella, The Warm Gun, up on Amazon years ago that I recently revised, too.