Tales of a Brighter Future

This is series of stories set in a world where we humans managed to prevent the destruction of the earth we love by delusional capitalist idiocracy. The collection is called Tales of a Brighter Future, and I’m writing it as an antidote to the increasing round of dystopian fiction that is coming out of our benighted society at the moment.

We live in a time where it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the systems we all need to survive are broken. We live in a society where our leaders pretend that there is no solution but more of the same nonsense. Where the great cry from the past forty years has been There is no Alternative. This means dystopia looks like all there can be because extrapolating from where we are now looks dark and frightening.

Tales is set in a world where people found a better alternative. Where there is no hunger, where everyone gets an education, where everyone has somewhere decent to live, where everyone has health care. As usual, everyone doesn’t agree on what should happen next.

The first story The Retreat is available here. If you want to read more about it go here.

The second book, Zerø Day is available here. Go here to find out more.

The third book Better Way is available here.

The books are available on Leanpub, and can be read for free. If you want to contribute to helping me write more by all means pay for them! Each is a novella, and I will be putting all the books into a collection once finished.