The Retreat

This is the first novella in the TOABF series, in terms of the timeline it’s set somewhere in the middle. You can find it here.

They sat becalmed on the infinite glass of the quiescent South Atlantic. The ship was still over the deeps below, pulling the sun’s energy into itself, grinding, processing and refining centuries of junk into something useful. Marine Reconstruction and Recovery plant The Retreat was powering away in the bright sunshine. Its curved mirror arrays focusing heat for power generation and cycles of food production. The ship was huge, a vast agglomeration of four already large vessels assembled to create the whole plant.

So, who is the castaway that disturbed their retreat?

What does she know that meant she was chased over thousands of miles of ocean?

Join the crew of as they navigate across the Atlantic in pursuit of the mystery in a world recovering from the near death of the early 21st century.

Meet green cities, deep ocean vessels, and a world without hunger. There’s still plenty of strife, though.